Life is long and varied. Our interests may come and go but our values remain. I believe there are many ways in which we can care for and move our bodies. The systems that work best are those that we are personally interested and invested in.  Our bodies change. Our levels of health change. Our ability to commit time to our practices and care for ourselves change - sometimes regardless of how highly we prioritize them. I believe life is a series of expansions, contractions. Periods of strength. Weakness. Health. Illness.

I do not propose fitness as a 'lifestyle' or encourage any certain image of what 'fitness' is. Health, beauty and fitness are to be defined by each of us. I believe that the only true empowerment that exists is that which you give yourself. It requires a constant effort by us all to break through the empty ideals and obsessions that are imposed upon us by the health and fitness industries. We must remove judgement, internally and externally, before we can grant ourselves permission to experience our highest potential. 

I believe the body is a source of sacred wisdom and power. Even the smallest gesture of moving your body every day in a way that expresses gratitude for your vitality can be incredibly powerful.


I would be honored to help you identify and/or reach your personal goals. Please follow my Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm about. 

If you would like to work together to develop an individual workout program, based on an inter-disciplinary approach to your interests, goals and lifestyle, please reach out for more information.

Why train with me?

Throughout childhood and adolescence, I studied and competed in dance and gymnastics. In 2010, I completed a 6 month yoga teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center and have taught yoga ever since - primarily in private, corporate settings. Around the same time, I developed a profound love of aerial acrobatics and have since explored, practiced and advocated for aerial circus arts. I am the on the Board of Directors for Circus Now, a non-profit that supports the evolution of circus as an art and practice within the US. 

For two years, I took private lessons twice a week for CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting with an incredible coach at Crossfit Odyssey, John Mariotti, the 6th fittest man worldwide in the CrossFit Games Masters age group 55-59. The following 2 years, I completed a 2+ year long apprenticeship under the Romana's Pilates program, which requires over 800 hours of private lessons, observation and teaching. It is the most comprehensive training program in the world and upholds the legacy of Joseph Pilates' protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. Since 2015, I've practiced and learned about the Ido Portal Method at The Movement Standard, with my coach, Brian Johnson

During pregnancy, I realized how much the fitness industry fails pre and post natal moms. So, I did my research and selected a few training programs to become certified in pre and post natal fitness. I've completed the Pre and Post Natal Coaching certification with the Coaching and Training Women Academy and become a Post Natal Fitness Specialist under Jessie Mundell

I've also spent plenty of time doing things that I wasn't great at - and I value those experiences just as much as the rest. I wanted to play basketball, but was never good enough to make the school team, so I was the team manager instead. I made the track team running hurdles in middle school but broke my arm tripping over a hurdle right before the city track meet started :-) Shortly thereafter, I started high school and I couldn't compete with the talented athletes of a track and field. Most recently I wanted to learn how to ice skate so I could spray ice with a hard stop the way that hockey players do. My friend who is a professional figure skating coach taught me plenty of ice skating lessons over a year or two, but I still haven't had my moment of glory on the ice.    

All of these interests - my passions, my failed attempts, and all of the explorations - have led me to where I am today, and shape my approach to health and well-being. 


Cancellations & Refunds

There is no charge for cancellations or reschedule requests made within 24 hours of the session. 
There is a $75 cancellation or reschedule fee for sessions cancelled/rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to the session.
If a client no-shows or does not cancel and misses a session without contacting me, a session will be deducted from an existing plan or pass, or a fee of $100 will be collected if there is no existing plan or pass.