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About ashley

The intention behind this website and my work is to cultivate an, open-minded, empathetic, autonomous, authentic culture. One where we prioritize our health and our happiness. A life where we are not afraid to expose and dissect our experiences - good and bad, ugly and pretty - stay motivated and feel supported in doing the hard work that comes with being our best selves. 

I believe that we have a basic need for connectedness, just as we do food, water, shelter, safety, etc.

In recent years, depression and anxiety have been some of my biggest teachers, and now I am beginning the journey of motherhood. During one of the biggest developmental shifts in my life, I am realizing how important community and relationships are. I am not sure what this project will or won't evolve into, but the things I share will be a glimpse into the beauty, the struggles, and the things I am learning along the way. 

I believe in the power of community and connection to both help us heal and keep us whole.

I like moving my body. I test and track my progress to provide a framework and approach, but what I value most is the process of learning - about movement, people, and myself - and expressing myself authentically. 

I believe that feeling seen and understood is a crucial component of becoming our best selves.

Growing up, I studied and competed in many forms of dance and gymnastics. As an adult, I completed a 6 month yoga teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center in 2010, and have taught yoga ever since, primarily in corporate settings. Around the same time, I developed a profound love of aerial acrobatics and have since explored, practiced and advocated for aerial circus arts. I am the on the Board of Directors for Circus Now, a non-profit that supports the evolution of circus as an art and practice within the US. 

From 2013-2015, I studied CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting with a private teacher, John Mariotti, the 6th fittest man worldwide in Reebok's CrossFit Games Masters age group 55-59. From 2014-2016, I completed a 2+ year long apprenticeship under the Romana's Pilates program, which requires over 800 hours of private lessons, observation and teaching. It is the most comprehensive training program in the world and upholds the legacy of Joseph Pilates' protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. And, from 2015-the current time, I've practiced and learned about the Ido Portal Method at The Movement Standard, with my coach, Brian Johnson. 

All of these interests led me to where I am today, and shape my approach to health and well-being. I believe that life is long and varied. Our interests may come and go but our values remain. I believe there are many ways in which we can care for and move our bodies, and that doing this work is best done if we are motivated and invested on a personal level - not because someone tells us this is THE way to do things. 

I believe that there are several movement practices that would benefit a person over the course of their lifetime.

Our bodies change. Our levels of health change. Our ability to commit time to our practices and care for ourselves change - sometimes regardless of how highly we prioritize them. 

I believe life is a series of expansions, contractions. Periods of strength. Weakness. Health. Illness.

I am committed to helping myself and others take ownership of our bodies and minds. To have an understanding of how good you can feel and strive towards feeling your absolute best every day. 

I believe that personal growth and self expression are maximized within the context of community.

With a vast perspective and a desire to learn, you can discover your truest potential. It is my mission to help you discover more confidence, freedom, authenticity and happiness in all areas of your life. I look forward to teaching you and learning from you as we work toward your personal goals. 

I believe we are wired to evolve. Grow. Adapt.Change.
Let's do it together.