The intention behind this website and this work is to cultivate an, open-minded, empathetic, autonomous, and authentic culture that prioritizes health and happiness. A life where we are not afraid to expose and dissect the experiences - the good and bad, the ugly and pretty - that make us whole. Together, let's build a community that helps us stay motivated, feel supported and find the discipline needed to do the hard work that comes with being our best selves. 

I had my first baby in March of 2018 and am doing my best to prioritize my own health, stay connected with others, and accept the constant change and uncertainty that comes with motherhood. In order to find empowerment during pregnancy, I've did a ton of research, identified a network of professionals to help me through, became certified in pre and post natal fitness, and strengthened relationships with people who have reminded me to give myself the grace we all deserve while navigating such a deeply personal experience and developmental time. 

I believe in the power of community and connection to both help us heal and keep us whole.

Over the last 10 years, depression and anxiety have been some of my biggest teachers. I feel compelled to share a glimpse into the beauty, the struggles, and the things I am learning along the way so that we all remember we are not alone. Sharing our experiences can help us to better understand ourselves, the emotions that we may have numbed, and humanity that we may fear has been lost in the world.

I believe that our society has forgotten how to experience suffering and move through it without creating more.

Moving my body has been a constant source of healing throughout my life. I've studied several forms of movement intensely. I've been good at many but not so good at many, too. I test and track my progress to provide a framework and approach, but what I value most is the process of learning - about movement, people, and myself - and expressing myself authentically. 

I believe that feeling seen and understood is a crucial component of becoming our best selves.

I am committed to helping myself and others take ownership of our bodies and minds. With a vast perspective and a desire to learn, we can live out our truest potentials. Imagine a world where we've all discovered more confidence, freedom, authenticity and happiness in our lives.

I believe that personal growth and self expression are maximized within the context of community.
I believe we are wired to evolve. Grow. Adapt.Change.
Let's do it together.