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There's a sign I get to drive by all the time now on our way to and from our little slice of heaven out in east Texas. It reads: 'If not now, when?'

This sign is exactly why we decided to buy the first property we looked at, even though it was more acreage than we wanted and more than we budgeted for. 

It's in someone's (big) yard that runs alongside the main road in and out of town, right at the junction with another main road.
These main roads are actually highways, they just don't feel like what you probably think of as a highway. Stressful, multilane parking lots of intensity, where everyone is fighting against industrial time.
These highways start out as main road in a small town, where you have to slow down to 35 mph or so. You're coming or going from a place where you either work or live a little more by horticultural time than industrial time. Where nature is more appreciated because you rely on it for your livelihood in some way. By choice or by necessity.
This sign reminds me of all the things I tell myself that I'll do later. When I have time.
The things that have been on my list for months or years that I've neglected or worked on sporadically because I've busied myself with other things that may very well need to get done but aren't essential to my wellbeing.
If you listen, the things that are on your list usually stay. Because they usually give so much life back to you that you didn't even know you were missing. Or they enhance your life in ways you didn't know anything could.
What is it that's on your list? How much longer are you going to deny yourself what you need on that deeper level?
If not now, when?

ashley compton